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  • History

    About Equestrian Collections

    The Equestrian Collections web site is dedicated to bringing you entire collections of equestrian apparel and equipment from the top manufacturers around the world. We think that you will be surprised to see what a wonderful variety of equestrian merchandise for horse, stable, and rider is actually available.
    Equestrian Collections is a whole new way of shopping - we show you what is available and then the choice is YOURS. Equestrian Collections is always looking for new quality products to bring to you, our customer, to make your riding experience safer and more pleasant and to help you and your horse look terrific while you ride!

    Equestrian Collections is a division of Arnott Mason Corporation, a business owned and opperated by women.  Chris Duggan founded the company in 1994 to address the Specialty size equestrian market with the1824 Collection. This collection is now available on Equestrian Collections. Equestrian Collections debuted in May of 2003.

    All our customer service representatives are riders, knowledgeable about all the apparel and equipment that we offer on the site. We also have several technical experts who can advise you on what attire is appropriate for certain disciplines and levels of riding.

    About Star Points Shopping Services

    Star Points Shopping Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arnott Mason Corporation and is responsible for bringing you top class internet shopping in places that you like to browse on the internet. You will see the Star Points Shopping Services logo on all your invoices, so that you can be assured that your shopping experience is safe and that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    About Star Points Design and Marketing Services

    Star Points Design and Marketing Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arnott Mason Corporation and offers a wide range of services from Web Site design, Image and Data Management, Print and Web Advertising, eBooks/Catalogs/Newsletters as well as Marketing Consulting into the Equestrian Industry. Equestrian Collections has received industry recognition for its website design and print and web advertising. You can now benefit from our teamís experience and knowledge of the industry.
    Call (703) 365-0155 for a full range of our services.

  • About Equestrian Collections

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Equestrian Collections is committed to customer satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return the item to us and we will refund, replace, or credit you for it.  We have faith in our products and want you to be happy with your purchase.

    We promise to deliver quality and value in every product we sell. If you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know and we'll make it right.

    Mission Statement

    To Bring the Equestrian Shopping Universe to your Finger Tips...
    To show you the shopper all the products that each major Equestrian Brand has available for you to buy that particular day.  To let you see those products in the best way that technology allows with as much information as we can for you to make a well-considered choice based on your needs and budget.
    We pledge to get the products that you purchase to you as quickly and as cost effectively as we can. 
    We believe that you prefer us to respect your desire and ability to choose from the total Equestrian Shopping Universe over much less choice delivered at marginally faster speed.  Every day on Equestrian Collections we bring you $100m of products to choose from and our median shipping time is 4 days.
    We pledge to value your time.  We are open 24/7 and our advanced technology allows you to find exactly what you need on the website and to check out in a little under 7 minutes.
    We share your passion for horses and all things equestrian.  We share a common bond for which we have profound respect.  Everything that we bring to you on Equestrian Collections is rooted in our passion for our industry and our respect for you, our customer.

  • About our staff

    The staff at Equestrian Collections are all riders and horse-lovers.   Our Customer Care Department is staffed with experienced riders and horse owners.   They bring an incredible amount of joint experience to their conversations with our customers.

    If they do get an occasional question that stumps them, we also have the resources of several industry experts to help you make the best choices for you and your horse.

  • 1824 Specialty Sizes

    1824 Specialty Sizes was started by Chris Duggan in 1995 and was the first company that dedicated itself to serving the needs of the plus-sized rider.

    After 8 years in catalog form and 5 years on the internet, the 1824 Collection is now a part of the Equestrian Collections website - under its own Collection.   The collection offers a full range of apparel for the English and Western Rider, including breeches, shirts, jackets and Western Show apparel.


For questions or assistance, call (877) 872-4415

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