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Ordering: How does the Myler Bit Rental Work?

Equestrian Collections Unique Myler Bit Rental Program - Equestrian Collection is the ONLY Myler Bit rental program where you can rent ANY Myler Bit!
Try any Myler Bit for a $15.95  rental fee.  Use the bit for two weeks.  Return the bit and only the $15.00 rental fee + shipping and handling will be charged.  Keep the bit and the price of the bit will be charged  with a  discount of $10.00 after the two week period.  (No returns or exchanges after the initial two week period.)  Each bit has it's own rental fee.  If you order more than one bit as a rental, please enter the correct number of rental fees.  
The rental bits must have the original tags included when returned.  Just keep them in the bag that is sent with the bit.  Each rental bit you get will have been sanitized and washed.
The rental fee is non refundable.  If you keep the rental bit, $10.00 will be discounted from the price of the bit.
Shipping is the responsibility of the customer.  Please contact customer service if you need an extension of the Trial period.  If customer service is not contacted we will expect the bit to be back WITHIN the two week trial period.  If we do not receive the bit within the two week trial period, we will assume you wish to keep the rental bit and will charge accordingly.  (The price of the bit minus the $10.00 discount.)
If you keep the rental bit over the two week period, no refunds or exchanges will apply.  Please contact if you need a short extension.
Sorry, we currently cannot offer Paypal as a payment method for our rental Program.


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