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Shipping Information: I won't be home when my package arrives?

You will be glad to hear that 99.9% of all packages that we send out make it safe and sound to their destinations.  It is rare indeed that one fails to make it.  Here are a few things that can help facilitate YOUR package's safe arrival:
  • If you are not going to be home at the time you anticipate your package will arrive, please consider changing the delivery address to one where someone can sign for the receipt of the package. 
  • We are happy to oblige your delivery comments on your package - Leave by the Door, Leave at the Barn Entrance - and so on, however, we are not responsible if that packages goes astray before you get in your hands.
Will always try to re-send you an item that a Carrier has not delivered or that has been removed from an unsafe, unsecured delivery area.  However, we will have to charge you for the new shipment and shipping, or expedited shipping charges.  The Carrier will usually track down the item and we will happily refund the item if and when it eventually makes it back to us in good shape.


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