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Shipping Information: What is rate for Australia/Indonesia?

Shipping Rates for Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Indonesia

For United Parcel Service Zone 604, Equestrian Collections charges a flat fee plus per pound shipping rate.  International Zone 604 includes Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.  
If you are shipping to any of the above mentioned locations, your shipping costs are calculated as follows: 
 $60.00 flat fee plus:
 Weight Additional Charge Per Pound
 up to 10 lbs
 10.01-20 lbs $7.00
 20.01-35 lbs
 over 35 lbs
The customer is responsible for all applicable duties and taxes for deliveries and returns.

The delivery method is UPS World Wide Expedited Service.


For questions or assistance, call (877) 872-4415

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