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Return Policies: Footwear. Can I return it?

Yes!  Footwear is fully returnable.  All we ask that you do not wear it outside, or damage it in any fashion.  

If you need to return your footwear for any reason, please re-box your boots carefully and then wrap the box in brown paper. Please do not stick shipping labels directly on to the box as we want to be able to send out the boots to another customer looking as fresh and nice as when you received them.

Because we want you to be absolutely satisfied with the footwear, here are some suggestions about trying them on,  and some thoughts on fit:
  • Please take the time to try them on and walk in them on a carpet inside the house.
  •  If your feet are prone to swell by the end of the day, then this would be a good time to try them on.
  • All tall riding boots will slip at the heel until you have worn them for a while.  This is to be expected and is not fault in the fit.  Given a little time, your heel will mold the back of the boot to fit and the slipping will stop.
  • Trying tall boots on with a nylon boot sock or panty hose will help them slide on easier.
  • Please do not put baby powder or boot stretch on your boots until you have decided to keep them, as this will make them non-returnable.
  • Tall boots should be snug and look "too tall". This is because they will drop at the ankle over a period of time.  So start 1-1.5 inches taller than you think you want them.   Dress boots with a stiffened back used for dressage will not drop.
  • You will need to use boot hooks to get tall boots on that do not have zippers.  If you can just pull them on without using hooks, they are probably too big/wide.   To get them off again, please have someone pull them off for you, or use a boot pull WITH CARE.   Position the boot in the pull so that it cannot catch the sole of the boot and pull it off.   Obviously, we cannot accept boots back that have had the soles pulled off in that fashion. 
  • Once you have worn footwear outside, they are not returnable.  


For questions or assistance, call (877) 872-4415

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