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Ordering: How do I edit my Credit Card?

At Equestrian Collections, we take your credit card security very seriously. We make every effort to make sure that your credit card details remain secure, and that no one will be able to alter your credit card information without your knowledge.
For this reason, you cannot edit the name on a credit card, nor can you edit the card type. The account number of the card will always be encrypted values for your security.
If your credit card number changes for any reason (for example, your bank issues you a new card), this is an treated as a new card, and should be entered as a new card. You can enter a new card when you check out.
If you need to change the expiration date on a credit card, you may do it in two ways:
Edit your Card Without Making a Purchase:
  • Click on My Account (located at the bottom on the Equestrian Collections home page)
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on "Manage Your Credit Cards" on the left hand side of the page
  • Click on the "Options" icon on the far right for the credit card you wish to edit
  • Change the expiration date using the drop down
Edit Your Card While Making a Purchase:
  • Click on "Checkout"
  • Click on "Pay with Credit Card"
  • Click "I want to Pay with existing Credit Card"
  • Click on the "EDIT" icon to the right
  • Change the expiration date
If you would like to enter a new credit card, you may always do so upon check out by clicking on "I want to use a new card." We do this so that your new credit card information can only be entered in a secure https environment.


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