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Shipping Information: What are the Canada shipping rates?

Canadian Shipping Rates

In order to offer our Canadian customers the easiest possible shipping, Equestrian Collections now ships to Canada via UPS Worldwide Expedited.
We will include the duties and taxes on your purchases up front, so your items can be shipped directly to your doorstep.  No more paying additional duties and fees when your products arrive in Canada!  

What are the shipping rates?

Shipping rates vary, and are calculated based on the weight of your purchase, starting at $42.23 for a package of less than 1 lb.   For example, a 5 lb package ships for $56.21, a 10 lb package for $64. 22, and a 20 lb package for $84. 83. All charges are calculated in U.S. dollars. To see the weight on a product, select a size and color, then click on the "details" tab on the product page.  

What about my taxes and duties? 

Taxes and duties are calculated separately.  When you check out, and indicate a Canadian shipping address, the regular tax line on your order will be your duties, and a line item on your order with TAX_"your province code" is your Canadian tax.  ie. TAX_AB(Alberta)

How long will the shipping take?


Canadian orders take approximately three days ONCE THE ITEM DEPARTS our warehouse.  Please note that if your item is not in stock in our Virgina warehouse, and is coming in from elsewhere, there will be additional shipping time.  Please check with our customer service agents for estimated shipping times for individual products.  

What about tracking my order?

All UPS shipments are trackable, both inside and outside of Canada.   You will be notified via email when your order ships, and will be given a tracking number.
Please note that Free Shipping offers are not applicable to Canadian shipments.




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