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  • Can I track my order on line?

    Click on the Track Order link provided in the Services menu. If you know your order number and the type of transaction (orders or return orders), enter it and click on the Submit button. To view multiple orders select the display type from the drop-down list and specify the desired period. All the orders you have placed with us are listed. Click on the order number whose status you want to check.

    The order details are displayed along with the tracking numbers for the shipments made. To track the shipment, you must go to the web site of the shipping carrier.

  • Do I need to create an account to order?

    Yes. By creating an account at Equestrian Collections you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an orders status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made.

  • How do I order?

    Feel free to browse the Equestrian Collections' Website.  You can choose to shop by Discipline, by Collection, by Department (Ladies, Men, Young Rider, Horse) or by Category.  Lots of ways to shop so that you can find the products that you are looking for quickly and easily.

    If you prefer to use the Search box on the top and the bottom of your Browser window, you can find what you are looking for too.  

    As you find items that interest you, simply add the items you wish to purchase in your Shopping Cart. You may edit, remove or add items to your cart at any time - so it is a great way of keeping track of everything that strikes your interest.

    When you are done shopping and browsing our products, all you need to do is access your Shopping Cart and checkout with the items you currently have in your cart. When the checkout our items is complete you will then choose your shipping method. We offer different shipping methods with different rates.

    The next step will be to choose a method of payment. After entering all the details of your preferred method of payment and order confirmation page will follow. In addition to that, an automatic confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

  • How do I add items to my cart?

    Search for the item you want to purchase. Once you are in the item's page you can adjust the quantity to order of that item. You will see an 'Add To Cart' button.

    Click on the 'Add To Cart' button to add the item to your shopping cart.

  • How can I remove an item?

    Go to your Cart Contents and click the remove item checkbox for the item you wish to remove. After you have checked all the items you wish to remove, click on the 'Update Cart' button found at the bottom of the shopping cart.

  • How do I check out?

    To checkout your items you need to be in the Cart Contents screen. After you review that all the items you want to purchase are in your shopping cart, you will have to click in the 'Checkout' button to checkour your items.

    Please note that you can also checkout your items by clicking in the checkout link at the top right of every page.

  • Is the ordering process secure?

    Equestrian Collections automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to our data processing server using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

  • What about shipping?

    Equestrian Collections uses the total ($) dollar amount of the order to calculate shipping and handling rates. For more information please refer to the Shipping section.

  • What about taxes?

    The laws regarding sales tax and internet sales are currently being debated in many states.  Equestrian Collections makes every effort to follow these laws, while providing you, our customers, with an easy and enjoyable shopping experience.

    Currently, tax assessment is required for customers in the following states:

    Equestrian Collections is physically located in Manassas, Virginia.  All Virginia orders will be assessed a 5% sales tax. 

    ColoradoAs of March 1, 2010,  if you are in Colorado and purchase goods over the internet, you will be assessed a 2.9% sales/use tax by the state of Colorado.   In order to help simplify your end-of-year tax filing, and comply with this new law, Equestrian Collections has decided to assess the sales/use tax on your behalf at the time of purchase and remit it to the state of Colorado.  You will, therefore, NOT have to file a Sales and Use Tax on your tax return for orders placed with Equestrian Collections.  We feel this lessens the burden on our customers, and assures that we are all in compliance with state law.   DRP 1002 "Colorado Sales and Use Tax Rates" 

  • What guarantees do you have?

    Equestrian Collections wants you to be happy with every item that you purchase from us.  We are glad to refund the purchase price of your item in full, provided that the item meets our Return criteria.

  • What payment methods to you accept?

    Equestrian Collections currently accepts the following methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Wire Transfer.

    Please note that we can only accept credit cards issued in North America, Canada and the United Kingdom.  For buyers in other countries, we can only accept Wire Transfer as the payment method.

  • When will my order arrive?

    If every item in your order is in stock, we ship within 2-7 business days. Although most orders arrive in 5-7 days, please allow up to 15 days for orders to arrive. If itís been longer than 15 days, please contact customer service at or call us at 877-872-4415.

    International orders may take up to 21 days to arrive, depending on customs and local post office shipping delays. Please see our International Shipping / Customs Fees section for more information.

    Unless otherwise noted, please allow 10 to 21 business days for backordered items.

    Once your order has shipped, you will be able to track it and see if delivery attempts were made on the scheduled delivery day. Please make sure to check the order tracking page when your order ships to see if the package made it to your address. If you see that the package has been returned to us for any reason, or if it has gone back to the Post Office or other Carrierís distribution center, either call the Carrier, or call us at the toll free number above.
    If you have any worries about your package, please call us toll free at 877-872-4415 and speak with one of our Customer Care specialists.

  • What is Express Shopping?

    Need something in a hurry?  Shop our Express Shopping section if you need something shipped out today.  Orders shipped to the continental US and placed before noon EST Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) will be shipped out the same day.  Orders placed after noon EST, weekends or holidays will be shipped the next business day.  These products are shipped by our standard shipping method, UPS Ground. 
    You can choose from 1000s of items in our Express Shopping Section. 
    For our complete selection of products for you and your horse, shop the regular shopping section in the blue bar above.

  • How does the Myler Bit Rental Work?

    Equestrian Collections Unique Myler Bit Rental Program - Equestrian Collection is the ONLY Myler Bit rental program where you can rent ANY Myler Bit!
    Try any Myler Bit for a $15.95  rental fee.  Use the bit for two weeks.  Return the bit and only the $15.00 rental fee + shipping and handling will be charged.  Keep the bit and the price of the bit will be charged  with a  discount of $10.00 after the two week period.  (No returns or exchanges after the initial two week period.)  Each bit has it's own rental fee.  If you order more than one bit as a rental, please enter the correct number of rental fees.  
    The rental bits must have the original tags included when returned.  Just keep them in the bag that is sent with the bit.  Each rental bit you get will have been sanitized and washed.
    The rental fee is non refundable.  If you keep the rental bit, $10.00 will be discounted from the price of the bit.
    Shipping is the responsibility of the customer.  Please contact customer service if you need an extension of the Trial period.  If customer service is not contacted we will expect the bit to be back WITHIN the two week trial period.  If we do not receive the bit within the two week trial period, we will assume you wish to keep the rental bit and will charge accordingly.  (The price of the bit minus the $10.00 discount.)
    If you keep the rental bit over the two week period, no refunds or exchanges will apply.  Please contact if you need a short extension.
    Sorry, we currently cannot offer Paypal as a payment method for our rental Program.

  • How do I edit my Credit Card?

    At Equestrian Collections, we take your credit card security very seriously. We make every effort to make sure that your credit card details remain secure, and that no one will be able to alter your credit card information without your knowledge.
    For this reason, you cannot edit the name on a credit card, nor can you edit the card type. The account number of the card will always be encrypted values for your security.
    If your credit card number changes for any reason (for example, your bank issues you a new card), this is an treated as a new card, and should be entered as a new card. You can enter a new card when you check out.
    If you need to change the expiration date on a credit card, you may do it in two ways:
    Edit your Card Without Making a Purchase:
    • Click on My Account (located at the bottom on the Equestrian Collections home page)
    • Log in to your account
    • Click on "Manage Your Credit Cards" on the left hand side of the page
    • Click on the "Options" icon on the far right for the credit card you wish to edit
    • Change the expiration date using the drop down
    Edit Your Card While Making a Purchase:
    • Click on "Checkout"
    • Click on "Pay with Credit Card"
    • Click "I want to Pay with existing Credit Card"
    • Click on the "EDIT" icon to the right
    • Change the expiration date
    If you would like to enter a new credit card, you may always do so upon check out by clicking on "I want to use a new card." We do this so that your new credit card information can only be entered in a secure https environment.

  • Credit Card Problems?

    We are not able to process your credit card due to the following reason - Denied:Declined: 15005-This transaction cannot be processed.: The credit card was declined by your credit card provider. Please contact your card provider or try a different payment method.

    We were unable to process your Credit Card because the address information you provided does not match the billing address of your credit card. - Zip Code matches, but Address does not
    Please fix your address information to match what is on file with your credit card.

    We are not able to process your credit card due to the following reason - CVV2 does not match
    Please check your security code of your credit card.

    We are not able to process your credit card due to the following reason - CVV2 does not match
    Please check your security code and reenter it.

    We were unable to process your Credit Card because the address information you provided does not match the billing address of your credit card. - Address and Zip Code do not match
    Please update your credit card details by filling in your street address and zip code in the fields provided.


For questions or assistance, call (877) 872-4415

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