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  • How do I navigate the E-Catalog?

    You can turn the pages of the E-Catalogs by clicking or dragging the corners or by use of navigation keys on the bottom panel. By using the far left icon on the bottom panel you can click-navigate in the publication through an active table of contents.

  • How do I use the Zoom?

    When you hover over a page with your mouse and the arrow is replaced with a magnifying glass, you are able to zoom on the page to get readable images or text. To zoom on extra levels of the page you can use the mouse wheel. To navigate horizontally on the zoom pages simply move the mouse and to navigate vertically on zoom pages move the mouse in this direction. To release the zoom feature, click anywhere on the page.

  • How do I use the Features?

    Using the PDF icon on the far right, you can download the entire E-Catalog or selected pages as a PDF. The next icon is for you to print the entire E-Catalog or selected page in high quality. The envelope icon to its left gives you the ability to forward an interesting product or a good offer to a friend by e-mail. If you want to cut an image or text out of the publication and send it by e-mail, you can do so by first clicking the button in the right-hand corner on the far left. Then click and drag the selected are you would like to cut. You also have the ability to search within the publication by clicking on the binocular icon.


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