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    Perfect Experience Promise

    Our goal at Equestrian Collections is for you to have a perfect 10 experience.  For questions regarding your order, call our team of Customer Service Representatives who will help you in a jiffy - toll free (877) 872-4415.
    Thank you so much!! You have great customer service!  Look forward to doing business with you again.  Donna D. March 2015
    Thanks for your reply though, means something nowadays to get any reply at all, let alone customer service.  Nienke L. March 2015
    You did not have what I needed, but the representative was very helpful in showing me everything you had that was close. Fredrick R.  March 2015
    Thank you so much.  You have been an extraordinary help.  Heidi B. March 2015
    Thank you for looking into it.  I appreciate that very quick response.  Jessica Z. March 2015
    Thank you so very much for all your assistance - you have been wonderful.  Jess March 2015
    I very much appreciate your dedication to good customer service.  Having once in that line of wok myself, I appreciate it all the more.  Mary G.  March 2015
    Helpful agent gave clear advice.  Emma C.  March 2015
    I just told a friend about the great sale you have and wonderful customer service .  She will be shopping later!  Maureen E. March 2015.  
    ...we had purchased another [dog blanket] similar to this about four years ago, but I didn't remember it was through Equestrian Collections.  When replacing that one, I search the web for my best option.  This is it. Pleasantly surprised I came to the same conclusion years apart.   Susan F.  February 2015
    Thank for this wonderful customer service.  I will be sure to buy my replacement jacket from your website! Katharine C.  February 2015
    Excellent customer service each time I needed help.  Great site. I would definitely recommend it.  Maria, February 2015
    Love the breeches! They are warm and look great.  Doris D. February 2015
    These are the most comfortable pants I have ever had.  They have been perfect for winter rides. Warm and Cozy.  Teri W.  February 2015
    I will look at your suggestions and I greatly appreciate the extra time you took to help me.  Diane A.  February, 2015
    I appreciate all your help and talking to you on the phone.  Thank very much for the excellent customer service you have provided me.  Vanessa R. February 2015  
    Very fast and helpful.  Answered my question quickly.  Carole N. January 2015
    Both representative were super helpful in remedying my issue.  This website has great customer service! Megan T.  January 2015 
    Great site - good service.  My questions are always answered.  Judith B.  January 2015
    Thanks very much.  I was very impressed with your attention to customer service and satisfaction, which is hard to find these days.  Your prices were competitive; selection and choices are plentiful.  I will not hesitate to refer you to friends and look forward to placing future orders with you.  Patricia B.  January 2015
    Very helpful and understanding.  Always impressed with your customer service. Thanks! Erinn T.  January 2015
    Resolving technical issues very quickly and easing frustration.  Kay January 2015
    The jacket was exactly what I assumed it would be.  Well made and great price.  Amazon customer. January 2015
    I love my "winner" boots!!! Brenda B.  December 2014
    When I realized y'all are in Manassas I asked to pick-up my order.  Your CSR no only left me a very polite and thourough message when my order ame in, she even offered to me with it as she lives close to me.  Talk about going above and beyond!  My husband works in Manassas and picked it up, but spoke with Customer Service and said they were kind and helpful.  Your attention will keep me coming back to your site! 
    Thank you so much for everything looking forward to placing my next order!!! Tamara W.  December 2014
    Awesome great product great service.  Thanks Rochelle R. December 2014
    Thank you so much. That is very kind and I appreciate your help! I will be sure to leave very positive feedback so other can know your customer service is wonderful! Happy Holidays! Leslie N. December 2014
    FYI, I purchased items to give as Christmas gifts to my granddaughter and another young who ride, so they haven't seen these items yet, I thought they looked very nice.  Thank you .  Mary Ann E. December 2014
    I will definitely be back to Equestrian Collections for some of your great merchandise.  Mary Jo M. December 2015
    Please forward this to your manager so they can see how please are with all of your support and being so kind to add a custom promo code for us!! Customer service is missing from so many companies these days, you made this debacle seamless and easy for all of us!  Have a Merry Christmas ... Tiffany T.  December 2014
    I have been looking for gloves for days and [the CSR] found the perfect pair for my granddaughter.  Live Chat feedback December 2015
    Very efficient and gave me the answers I needed to purchase merchandise!  Thanks! Live Chat feedback December 2015
    Big assortment, easy to find, and affordable prices.  Live Chat feedback December 2015
    We were SO excited to receive the item on December 23.  It was to be a Christmas gift and I thought we were going to wrap a picture of the item since it was not expected until after Christmas.  The boot were perfect.  Thank you!! Amazon customer 2015 
    It was a present for my granddaughters 13th birthday and she love it.  Thank you for your service.  Leslie F. November 2014
    Thank you.  It was nice doing business with you.  Sunil T.  November 2014
    Thanks for such great customer service with this.  Jacob P.  November 2014
    Thank you for your effort in trying to reach me about this issue.  It what customer service should be like, but rarely is.  Patricia G.  November 2014
    She went an extra step ... when I switched my choice of half chaps, she did not just take the switch, she let me know ALL the sizing differences just to make sure.  Also, went an extra step again to let me know that I and my partner have two open accounts that were merged into one today by her.  To me this is how ALL customer service SHOULD be (and sadly isn't).  Was very easy to work with.  Thank you.  Stephanie T.  November 2014
    Thank you for the prompt and courteous response.  Mary Kay N. November 2014
    Thank you for your good services and your fast answer!  Myriam M.  November 2014
    Awesome .. fits to a T and quick delivery.  Thanks!  Amazon customer, November 2014
    Very nice bit, our horse seems to like her new bit.  Amazon customer, November 2014
    I am pleased to say that shipping and quality was above expectations and I am extremely happy with all of my products.  Your website was easy to navigate, unlike so many other cluttered sites. ...  It was my first time using your services and I have never heard of your name before so I was very hesitant, but now that I see you are very reliable I will be telling all of my equestrian friends about your website and products.  You can count on me to be a returning customer.   Alexandria M.  November 2014
    I wanted to again let you know how much I appreciate your time and excellent customer service.  I am glad I stumbled across your company and will consider it for future purchases.  I do believe in today's market that not only price, but customer service -  genuine kindness - gets and keeps them coming back. Thank you for offering both!  Cindy C. October 2014
    I recently placed an order with Equestrian Collections.  I contacted customer support via live chat, as I needed to find out about changing the shipping to receive the order sooner.  The CSR I spoke with was absolutely the most helpful and pleasant customer service agent to deal with.  She was very thorough and helped me every step of the way!  Customer service like that really goes a long way, and I will be sure to recommend your site in the future.  Kirstine C. October 2014
    Thank you so much for the info! Was really troubled for a moment... you will have a new, steady customer from now on.  Katharina C.  October 2014  
    Love, love, love them!!!  Will pass on your company to other riders!  Thanks so much!  Peppi G.  October 2014
    Arrived quickly. Color was even way brighter than expected.  Daughter LOVES them!  Amazon customer, October 2014 
    Arrived ahead of scheduled time.  Product as described.  Amazon customer, October 2014
    Thank YOU ... Great service and I will say that Equestrian Collections has more items, a better selection than ANY other online Equine/Rider service.  Carol L.  October 20014 
    Just letting you know my order arrived yesterday.  Great service.  Thank you. Stu W. Sept. 2014
    Thank you so much for pulling this off for me.  I truly appreciate it.  Jackie C.  Sept. 2014
    Thank you, much appreciated ... the only thing that worked seamlessly [this week] were the new boots and dealing with Equestrian Collections.  I recommended you to everyone at my barn.  Lori L. Sept. 2014
    Thank you for your excellent customer service "Z" loves his baucher bit and you are always so helpful with answering all of my questions.  Karen B.  Sept. 2014
    Thank you so much for your help, I finally got my package and its perfect! Jacqueline T, Sept. 2014
    Thanks so much! You guys are awesome! Claire P.  Sept. 2014
    Thank you very much.  I think your customer service is superb.  You guys are great!  Brooke S. Sept. 2014  
    I received the bit today and it's the right one.  My mare loves it.  I am so happy!  Thank you again! Erica M, August 2014
    I had an amazing experience with Equestrian Collections.  Your CSR went above and beyond to track down tow breeches I had been looking for.  She went to the warehouse area to make sure they were in stock but could not find the second pair.  She called me back 20 minutes later after tracking down the second pair.  We reviewed shipping options and prices since I needed to receive them within a few days.  She was professional and pleasant and is a real Rock Star in my book!  Thank you!! Victoria H.  August 2014
    Love my purchase!  These EuroStar breeches fit me to a "t" and are extremely well made.  I had phoned to get an idea of sizing and the woman that helped me even found a grey pair in a 26" that I hadn't seen on the website.  I find your customer service to be outstanding!  Heather B.  August 2014 
    I love my new Asmar Shadbelly!  Janet W.  July 2014
    Thanks for checking and getting back so quickly!  Carrie A.  July 2014
    Amazing quality!!  Amazon customer July 2014

    Fast shipping, great packaging!  Thanks!  Amazon customer July 2014
    Love this shirt.  Got this one for  my husband.  It washed up nicely in cold water and did not shrink.  Colors did not run even when I washed it with other clothes.  Amazon customer July 2014
    Item was exactly as described.  Order was shipped out quickly.  Amazon customer July 2014
    Came in perfect condition and surprisingly really quickly.  Amazon customer July 2014
    Arrived on time and excellent condition.  Amazon customer July 2014
    Excellent transaction.  Thank you!  Amazon customer July 2014
    Love the bow.  Really nicer than I expected and stayed in place well.  Karen M.  June 2014
    Thank you very much for the fast and friendly service!  Amy Sue F. June 2014
    Thank you so much for the fantastic shopping experience .  Very happy with purchase.  Thank you again.   Julia, June 2014
    Super fast shipping, arrived a lot earlier than I expected.  Very nice product, accurately  described.  Can't wait to use it. Amazon June 2014
    Can't say enough about my new riding breeches.  They are tough and comfortable.  Fit perfect on my 16/18 body.  Amazon June 2014
    Item arrived quickly and was as described at a great price! Amazon June 2014
    Amazing quality!  Amazon June 2014

    Your customer service has been excellent and I will definitely shop with Equestrian Collections again.  Jennifer E.  May 2014
    I love them!  Thank you very much.  Elaine I.  May 2014
    I wanted to thank you team very much for the help you gave me last week.  We ordered two show shirts and one came in the wrong color.  My daughter had a show so I called Thursday to explain the situation.  The CSR was polite and courteous and immediately handled getting the the shirt out.  In within the hour I had an emaill where she had already scheduled the new shipment.  We received the shirt on time for the show because your team was on top of their game!  I have already shared the great customer service with some other friends as well as your fantastic prices.  Thank you!!  Stephanie T.  May 2014
    My package  has been delivered today.  I am very glad and happy.  Thank you again.  Greetings from Slovenia! Tanja  May 2014
    You guys are great and are on my shopping favorites list now.  Best experience ever!  Alice M. May 2014
    You guys are great! Kelly K. May 2014
     Wow! Thank you! My daughter will be thrilled.  Susan W.  April 2014
    I just completed my subscription to Savvy Shopper.  Wow.  I guess I just didn't pay attention to all the perks you offer.  I love bargains.  Katherine B.  April 2014
    Thank you very very much.  I really appreciate that offer.  I will place my order now! Sue B.  April 2014
    My daughter just opened the gift and the belt is perfect.  Thanks again for the outstanding customer service.  April 2014
    My jeans came today and what a perfect fit.  You have no idea how much this has brightened my day.  Thanks so very much.  Mary B.  April 2014
    Nice fluffy pad.  Good price and quick service.  Amazon April 2014
    Got my order on time.  It was exactly what I had ordered.  No issues at all! Amaon April 2014

    I love them [Ovation Blizzard Winter Rider Boots]  I thought it would take awhile to break them in.  It didn't and they are so comfortable and warm.  Karen F.  March 2014
    Thank you so much for honoring the discount code!  That was very kind of you to do....I am looking forward to receiving my sun-blocking shirt and doing more business with you in the future.  Toni W, March 2014
    I would like to thank you for noticing the details of my order and contacting me.  This is awesome customer service and I am truly impressed!  I always enjoy shopping on Equestrian Collections and will continue to do so.  Once again, thank you! Dawn M., March 2014
    Thanks for getting back to me personally.  It really does make a difference.  I appreciate your taking the time to do it, you go above and beyond. Kristina, March 2014
    Thank you so much for your awesome service on all this... too bad the boots didn't work out but I am impressed with your quick response and product delivery and will happily try again with other items.  Marilyn H. March 2014
    I so appreciate your help...Thank you so much for the excellent service.  Julie T, March 2014
    Best service I have ever come across!  Anna-Carin R.  March 2014 
    Thank you so much for the great customer service! It is very rare these days and I truly appreciate it!  I will definitely sign up for the emails! Jennifer E. February 2014
    Thanks! You gals are great ;) Kathy T.  February 2014
    Thanks for sending the Black/Red!  Looks great on our guy!  Really appreciate it.  Awesome transaction as it always is from you guys!  Sarah B.  February 2014
    You have been perfect to work with, and I am extremely satisfied with your very prompt reply and action taken. So thank you for personally taking care of my needs above and beyond my expectations.  Lara B.  February 2014
    Beautiful!  Major birthday hit.  Great value and rapidly delivered.  Amazon customer, February 2014

    I'm very impressed with Equestrian's customer service.  It is highly commendable.  Janice B.  January 2014
    Thank you once again for your great customer service.  Sarah R.  January 2014
    Thank you!  You have a great selection and great service.  I will definitely be back.  Kimberly L.  January 2014
    Exactly as advertised and arrived before I expected.  Thanks!  Adrienne M.  January 2014
    Got the custom chaps today!  They are perfect!  Thank you again! I really, really appeciate it!  Mike G.  December 2013
    Great quality and service.  Harold J.  December 2013
    Your company's customer service department has been a pleasure to deal with.  Jennifer K.  December 2013
    Best socks ever!!!! Laura B.  December 2013
    I received my Cora Boots last week, and I love love love them!  I have strangers approach me to compliment me on them. Of course I tell them where I got them and how wonderful you were in helping me with my order.  Kathy F.  December 2013
    Thank you so much for having great customer service.  Rachel G.  December 2013 
    Thank you very much for the prompt service! I do appreciate it.  Sharon B.  December 2013
    Great prices and selection.  I love the tidbits and guidance provided, and i LOVE their customer service.  I have never been disappointed. Marilyn R. December 2013
    Great prices, takes some time to ship, but I love that I get free shipping!  Kristie V.  December 2013
    Great pricing, selection, and (when an item was damaged in shipping) great customer service.  Combine this with their free shipping program for a year and WOW.  Andrew K.  December 2013
    My daughter loves her gloves, her hands stay warm, and she can feel the reins.  AND the sizing chart was accurate! Amazon Customer December 2013
    Exactly as described, prompt shipping.  Very pleased.  Amazon Customer, December 2013
    I contacted the seller about sizing and they were extremely helpful.  Amazon customer, December 2013
    Great products; Great Seller; right on target; great prices; high quality equipment.  Amazon customer,  December 2013
    I want to say thank you for the quick service and for the amazing price.  I looked for days and hours online and you were the absolute cheapest.  Thanks again.  
    Thanks for your quick response and for providing a new code and discount.  I appreciate your great customer service.  Robin  November 2013
    Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I appreciate that you followed up.  Kandy November 2013
    I am happy with the boots I ordered and look forward to doing business with you in the future.  Tonja November 2013
    Thank you and I appreciate your fast response.  I do like your store.  Excellent pricing and nice products  Carol L.  2013
    Thanks again.  Best customer service I have ever received.  JoAnn A.  November 2013
     I love love love that you include duties and customs in your final price [to Canada] No worrying about what the customs are going to end up costing and digging through my pockets for cash when the delivery arrives.  Mimi P.  November 2013
    Thank you!! Your service went above and beyond.  You're getting ALL my business from now on.  Curtis P.  October 2013
    Exceeded our expectations of quality.  Wooten.  October 2013
    Very pleased.  It was hard to find economically priced cheek pieces and these match well and fit perfectly.  Annette M.  October 2013
    Thank you for being so diligent in following up on the order and keeping me apprised. Lin S.  October 2013
    Your customer service was impeccable.  I used the instant chat feature.. I had a very good experience and the operator was helpful and took care of me immediately.  Rebekah C.  October 2013
    I want to acknowledge some outstanding customer service that I received from your team.  The representative was nothing short of amazing in keeping a customer satisfied.   John S.  2013
    Thank you so much! Great customer service!  Linda C.  September 2013

    I received it yesterday... It was all perfect!  Thanks for all the help!  Isabella N.  September 2013
    Thanks for trying, I love working with you guys.  Carrie H.  September 2013
    My browser doesn't support the live chat.... my bad and thank you so much for catching my chat box and taking the time to email me.  I really appreciate your time and follow through.  Very impressed.  Jayme B.  September 2013

    Thank you so much!  Your customer service is truly great!  I will keep buying from you.  Masha G.  August 2013
    Thank you so much for your assistance and great customer service.  It has been a pleasure.  Ana K.  August 2013
    Thank you so much.  Great service.  Harriet Z.  August 2013
    Thanks!  I just  love your company... always helpful and great products!  Anne-Marie H.  August 2013
    Nicki [customer service representative] was very helpful! Tiffany, July 2013
     I love using Equestrian Collections for all my horse/riding gear.  They have great selection and really great deals.  July 2013
    Very helpful website and very informative. Love the products.  July 2013
    I live wear it is difficult to buy breeches, and I appreciate your selection!  July 2013
    Great selection of kids apparel and excellent prices!  July 2013
    I just wanted to let you know I love the boots.  Thanks again!  Jocelyn B., July 2013
    Thank you for your excellent customer service.  I truly appreciate it!  Teresa F., July 2013
    Loved the things I bought.  Thanks. Amanda G., July 2013
    Thanks so much for your great service!  Masha G., July 2013
    I love the site and the deals.  Annie D.  June 2013 
    I am very pleased with your products and service and I look forward to doing future business with you.  Pat M.  June 2013
    Thank you for great customer service and following up on my order! Hayley P. June 2013
    Thank you again so much for your excellent customer service.  We are extremely impressed with EC.  Rebecca Y. June 2013
     I received the backpack and my son is thrilled.  He's already taking about how he can hang it up so EVERYONE can see his horse.  Heather K. June 2013
    Thanks for keeping me updated and for all your help on the order.  Alison C.  June 2013
    Thanks for the info .. I do want you to know how incredibly happy I am with all the items we did receive and your customer service has been wonderful!  Thanks!  Meagan C.  June 2013
    Thanks so much!  We love your company and as you could probably see have been busy ordering the past few months!  Anne-Marie H.  June 2013
    Awesome!  Thank you again - EXCELLENT customer service!!!!!  Kelti B.  June 2012
    We love the boots.  Susan A.  2013
    Thank you!  You guys have the best customer service.  So refreshing and much appreciated!  Elisa S.  June 2013
    Just wanted to send my sincere thanks for outstanding customer service! ... One happy and loyal customer!  Carol M.  June2013 
     I would like to tell you how amazed I am with the products I bought from your company!  The items I received were exactly what I wanted.  You you so much for making it such a great experience to shop with your wonderful company.  Nora S.  May 2013
    Yesterday, I spoke to a CSR via Live Chat.  I had some questions about the saddle I wanted to buy, as well as an issue or tow with the purchase process.  and through all of it Customer Service was absolutely fantastic.  She was extremely helpful and really nice to chat with even though she had to spend forever with me on my order.  Someone with that great of customer service skills is definitely an asset!  Jordan D.  May 2013
    Thank you for this great service.  Nancy R.  May 2013
    We will definitely use and refer friends to Equestrian Collections. Karen M.  May 2013  
    Thank you for everything, I received the letter and they look great.  Will use you guys in the future!  Donna H.  May 2013
    I received my order today!  I couldn't find a supplier of the Troxel Intrepid helmets in my country and came across your website.  Great service, great prices and such a prompt international delivery!  I'm so excited to be able to wear my new Troxel Allure helmet.  I would definitely use Equestrian Collections for any future purchases.  Stephanie S. May 2013
    I received my order yesterday and LOVE everything!  I am just getting into hunter/jumpers and am very happy with your quality at a great price.  Thanks again.  Jennifer C.  May 2013
    Thank you!!! Great Service!  Carol M.  May 2013
    Excellent selections and pricing.  Via Web.  May 2013
     I've been very happy with Equestrian Collections.  I had placed an order for a pair of boots that were not a good fit.  Returning them was simple and redeeming my store credit was even easier when I finally got around to ordering a new pair.  Diana, May 2013
     Glad to see you carry petite sizes.  via web.  May 2013
    Thank you for helping me find a replacement vest that fit.  I'm happy with the Parisian Vest.  The fit is good!  Julie, April 2013
    I just wanted to let you know that I received great customer service today via telephone The customer service rep was very knowledgeable about the products and she had a great suggestion about which bridle might suit my purposes.  She went and found the bridle for me, looked at it, and and answered my specific questions in a thoughtful manner.  I though she went above and beyond the normal level of service received when I have called your competitors.  That's definitely the way to obtain and keep customers!!!!  Meghan R.  April 2013
    I appreciate your willingness to make customers happy, and now I am! Patricia, April 2013
    Thanks so much! You have excellent customer service!  Christine E.  April 2013
    I love EC! Karin K. April 2013
    Yeah, Thank you so much, I really appreciate your fast response.  Stephanie H.  April 2013
    Wow, thanks!  i appreciate your response AND your customer service! Ginger P.  April 2013
    Thanks so much!  You have excellent customer service.  Chris,  April 2013
    Just beautiful.  Wonderful service.  Much Apprciated.  Deb C. March 2013
    Thank you VERY much.  It says alot about your company.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  Gina B.  March 2013
    Thank you so much! Gail, March 2013
    You totally rock!! Now I have to remember to post how great you are on FB!  Andrew K.  March 2013
    Great Service, look forward to ordering again soon.  Philip D.  March 2013
    Thanks very much from your very happy customer;)  Sonia.  February 2013
    I appreciate your FANTASTIC customer service!!! Dan W. February 2013
    Thank you for all of your help.  I look forward to recieving the item and doing future business with you.  Nancy R.  February 2013  
    I returned and ordered a different size.  Loved the jacket!  Kathy F.  January 2013 
    We loved it.  Very fast shipping as promised.  Thank you very much.  Lisa, January 2012
    Thanks again for your prompt response.  I am very pleased with your customer service and will definitely look forward to ordering                         again if the need arises.  You have been very helpful.  Ann A.  January 2013
    My first order with you.  Very impressive.  Thanks for you quick action.  Sharon R. January 2013
    I entered the live chat today to get my questions answered, and I just wanted to let you know what excellent, informed, helpful                       customer service I received.  Incredibly helpful, and very quick to answer my questions, and forthcoming with more information to                         ease my worries about my order.  This experience will definitely get me to order from you and tell my other riding friends.  Tessa H.                       January 2013 
    Very nice, and fits perfectly.  Judith T.  January 2013
    Thank you so much for the amazing customer service.  I received my replacement vest today and the zipper works perfectly. Elaine,                      January 2013
    Thank you very much for your excellent customer service.  Jo Anne, January 2013
    Thank you again for taking the time to send me information on the closeout blankets.  I truly appreciate the extra effort! Again                            thanks for going the extra mile.  In my day, customer service such as your provided was commonplace; unfortunately, not so much                      these days... M.P.M, January 2013
    Wow - that is customer service.  Thank you. I would like the black.  Be assured I will tell everyone at the at the barn about what you and FITS have done for me Marsha T. Dec 2012
    I've been very happy with my purchzses from Equestrian Collection sand tell all of my friends about your one ship fee for the year.  A great perk. I have an Equus Now store here, but find I shop with you as much or more... Your customer service is far superior. Jill V. Dec 2012   
    Enjoyed the products and the service.  Mike E.  Dec 2012 
     You guys are great! Cody C. Dec 2012
    Excellent prices and variety. Martinez, Nov. 2012I
    You're fantastic!  Thanks.  This has made all the difference in my future horse shopping needs. Thank you again.  Emily Y.  Nov. 2012
    I love my spurs and spur straps.  Thank you so much for your customer support.  You have gained a friend for life.  Thank youagain.  I'll see you soon.  Randall C.  Nov. 2012
    Thanks so much for your help.  You've been a blessing.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Christina F. Nov. 2012 
    The lady on the phone was wonderful (Debby?).  She called me back with color information!!! WOW.  Sandra D. Nov. 2012 
    Really excellent selection, very impressed. Pugly9, Nov. 2012   
    Excellent prices and variety. Martinez, Nov. 2012
     We have had a difficult time [purchasing tall boots that fit].  I am ordering another pair. We did purchase the free 2 way return                            program and it has been worth every penny.  Your shipping staff is excellent.  txcannell, Nov. 2012 
     Happy I found this site, hard to find men's riding pants!  Nov. 2012
    I received my shirts yesterday.  They fit perfectly and look great.  Thank you very much for all of your assistance getting the                               exchange done.  Tally ho! Char S. Oct 2012
    Thank you.  I just called and THEN saw the email.  Thank you so much! You are all very nice and fair.  I will makes sure that I tell                         ALL my horsy friends to show with I will continue to do so.  Carol L. Oct 2012
     Thanks.  You and your firm did a great job for me.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and I'm sure and I'm sure I'll be                                  ordering from your company again.  Fred H. Oct 2012
    I am very pleased the problem was handled in such a wonderful way!  Thank you, I will be sure to shop with you again. Halline T.                         Oct 2012
    I love my products and will be ordering more soon.  Thanks so much.  I can't say enough about the wonderful customer                                     service.  Heather M. Sept  2012
    I am very impressed! Kay, Sept 2012
    I just wanted to thank you for your unbelievable patience with me last week during my telephone order.  Not only were you                                  patient with my ignorance of what gear was necessary for my daughter's first show but your industry experience and knowledge                            made me feel incredibly comfortable.  I can't thank you enough.  Thanks to your help, my daughter was more than prepared for                            her first show and squeaked out two 1st places and a 3rd and 4th.  Krista M.  Sept 2012
    Thank you for everything.... Now that I know about your site, I will have to shop there for my daughter, who is our horse person.                            Barbara R. Sept 2012
    A thank you for all your help.  I appreciate the time and effort put into following up.. Georgina L. Sept 2012
    Thank you Equestrian Collections!  My order shipped on a Friday and I had my box by Tuesday afternoon!  Considering I live in                               Fairbanks, Alaska, that is a rare (and wonderful) thing! Usually companies charge an arm and a leg for shipping it takes weeks to                            arrive! Patricia G. Aug 2012
    Just wanted to say thank you for your superior customer service! I had asked for my shipping to be delayed while I move into my                         college house, then my own mistake, I forgot to change my shipping address.  The customer service representative that I spoke                            with was very kind, and the switch was quick and easy ...You've gained a lifetime customer. Lindsay W. Aug 2012
    Thank you.  A friend recommended you, and .... you certainly have excellent customer service! Mona, Aug 2012
    Kindness and honestly has won me over to shop with you guys for all other riding equipment and will recommend ... your store.                             [Live Chat] Aug 2012
    Wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the cargo breeches.  I'm a volunteer mounted patrol officer and I wear these                                     breeches when I am patrolling... the pockets are great for holding my cell phone and note pad!  Thanks for a great product.                                  Christie D. Aug 2012
    Thanks so much for all the extra effort to make sure re received the order before the weekend show.  She looked great and                                  rode very well.  Kris H. Aug 2012
    Thank-you for listening, explaining, and for the heads up too!  With appreciation, Harriet L., Aug 2012
    I am very impressed with the service you’ve provide me!  Thank you again!!!!! Maggie D. July 2012
    Great service. Thanks for all your help Sharon C. July 2012
    I just wanted to say thank you - our parcel was delivered today and my son was thrilled - everything was great! Thank you so much for your promptness it was greatly appreciated.  We will definitely be using your site again in the future. Fiona M. July 2012
    Thank you! You and your team are all really great to work with :) Andrea, July 2012
    I just wanted to say thank you very much for really responding to my request of shipping is ASAP...the whole process make me really happy and I am becoming a fan of this shopping mall. Jooyoung June 2012
    Thank you soooo much for your prompt response! If it works well on this trip I'll be ordering a second one soon. You are the greatest! Linda L. June 2012
    THANKS for letting me know!  EXCELLENT customer service and communication!!! Pamela L June 2012
    Thank you for your quick response and your professional courtesy. Great customer service! Linda O. June 2012
    Fabulous. I thought you had good service so this is good news. I love the fashion & want to wear at barn events. I'm sure people will ask where I got them! Natalie L. June 2012
    Thank you so so much for all your fabulous help.  Chloe had a great time and won her first blue ribbon! We will think of you for any future requests as well as recommend you to our friends. Jackie, Duncan and Chloe M.  June 2012
    Thank you so much for all your help with the order. I will definitely tell my friends at the barn about how great you and your company have been and to shop with you for their horse and rider needs. Bonnie, June 2012
    I got my shipment today and everything fits great and it arrived very quickly.  Thanks very much! Deb H.  May 2012
    Your service is amazing.  I was telling a boarder about you guys yesterday, and another woman piped in that you guys have THE best customer service.  I agreed.  Thanks for your help. Jules May 2012
    Regards!!! For all the information.  Your service is really good! Marina M. May 2012
     It was pleasure to work with you. Annap, May 2012
    I received my order today!  And I enjoyed riding with my new saddle pad, thank you! Shimazato, May 2012
    Great! Good service.  Thanks again. Hamakua Drafting LLC May 2012 ·      Great customer service, thank you! Kayla S, May 2012

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