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 Manna Pro, leader in horse health and nutrition with over 161 years of history behind them, is a multi-faceted progressive company bringing  innovation, high and consistent quality, and excellence, to their customers.

Manna Pro's BestDefense fly control for horses is the real deal! BestDefense uses the botanical insecticide Pyrethrum, an extract of a chrysanthemum flower, effectively killing, and preventing, flies. It is easy on the environment, too!

Manna Pro also offers Bite-Size Nuggets horse treats, a nutritious reward after a ride or competition and as always, to share a special moment with the horse that you love. Your horse will love you for it!

Manna Pro- With roots belonging to names like Carnation Company Milling Division, Albers Brothers Milling Co., and John W.Eshelman & Sons, the oldest established animal feed business in the United States, (1842), you can expect the best, and that is what Manna Pro delivers.

Manna Pro. Nurturing Life.


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