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New Equine Wear, or N.E.W. equine boots, developed with the aid of experts in equine anatomy and conformation at the highest level in equestrian sport, associate suppliers, makes extensive use of advance material technology, to give superior wear characteristics and outstanding performance.  XLF 'Extended Life Fabric' is now used in most boots, and is a real advance in fabric technology.  Extensive testing and field trials have produced a remarkably tough and tear resistant fabric.  N.E.W. boots are the natural first choice for discerning riders, whatever the discipline. 

Why buy N.E.W.?

  • Most models are made in the N.E.W. factory in England, regulating complete quality control and just-in-time manufacturing to ensure quick availability.
  • Highly skilled staff who only make equine boots
  • More top international riders than any other brand use N.E.W. boots.  In the last two Olympic Games, N.E.W. has supplied 7 national teams, and all N.E.W. sponsored riders are Olympic, World or European champions.

At the highest levels of riding, no rider will compromise--those riders have to have the best performing equipment available and they consistently choose N.E.W.


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