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Professional's Choice,†famous for its Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Products,†and other therapeutic products for horse and rider,†is the recognized brand†used by top trainers, professionals, and everyday†riders all over the world.† Developed by the Professional's Choice research and development team, together with scientific and clinical studies, the best protective, and shock absorbing leg care boots available on the market are the Professional Choice Sports Medicine Boots.

Additionally, Professional's Choice enjoys the exclusive equine product licensee for Wrangler Apparel Corp, manufacturing a full line of popular Wrangler and Twenty X equine products including saddle pads, horse blankets, fly protection, as well as protective boots and wraps.†

Professional's Choice continues to be a market leader renowned for revolutionizing the equine industry through diligent scientific research and producing the highest quality products strictly for the horse's safety and well-being.

Professional's Choice: Our Beginning

Written by Michele Scott

My parents are the original American Dreamers who startedProfessional's Choice over thirty-six years ago. Along the way, therehave been plenty of tough times and some great times. In each step alongthe way, we always moved forward by listening to and growing with ourhorses, while striving to make the lives of our horses more comfortable.

Where We Came From

Over the years, I have been asked innumerable times, exactly howProfessional's Choice was started. I have to take credit for that. Well,sort of. You see, I fell in love with horses when I was about fiveyears old. My parents had recently bought a home with a little land onit where it was possible to maintain horses. The neighbors across thestreet had a pony, and occasionally I would go over and get a ride, butthat didn't satisfy me. I wanted my own horse. Luckily for me, my dadhad grown up with horses on a ranch, so he was pretty much on the samepage as I was. I'm not sure how my mom felt about it, but she got onboard soon enough. So it was not long before Dad brought home thisgentle giant of a horse named Ivan, who was some kind of Draft/Quarterthing. Ivan stood about 16.3 and had a butt on him that felt wider thanriding a bus. I have no clue as to what Dad paid for this horse, butwhatever it was, he proved to be worth millions. He taught so manypeople how to ride-kids and adults from ages six to sixty. He had tohave been one of Godís angels on this Earth, because Ivan genuinelyloved people and other animals. Ivan passed away when he was aboutthirty years old and he's buried on my parents' property under hisfavorite tree.

Gettingback to my story, one day Dad brings home Ivan, and my little six yearold brain is running in over-drive because all I want to do is get homefrom school and ride this horse. The only problem is that I need Dad toalso get home from work to supervise me as I ride. At the time, Dad isin the car industry and working extremely long hours. Finally, Dad can'twithstand my begging and pouting any longer, and he comes home early totake me out on Ivan. We hadn't even had a chance to buy a saddle yet,all I have is a bareback pad on him. Knowing that I have no clue aboutriding, he tells me, "Now we're gonna go out behind the houses there onthat trail, and you're only to walk him." I nodd, my pony tail bobbingin the air (this was the days before the helmets were mandatory and envogue-I can tell you that my dad had me wearing a helmet long beforemost kids, and that had to do with one ornery pony I grew up with, allof which is another story).
Ivanand I set out on the trail at a walk. My dad has one of those littleputt-putt motorbikes, and he follows close behind us. We get to the endof the trail and turn around, and my dad says, "Okay, now this horseknows itís close to his dinner time and he also knows he's headed to thebarn. You are not to go any faster than a walk so that he doesnít gettoo excited." Not feeling too concerned, I respond with "Ok, Daddy."However, as I turn Ivan around our plan goes terribly awry. With hisnose pointed towards home, Ivan takes off heading for his barn at fullspeed, leaving Dad in the dust. We go up and over a little hill and and Icome off, landing on my butt in some sand. Iím OK and Ivan pulls up atbarn, but I look back to see Dad who has wiped out on his bike. It turnsout that Dad has not fared as well as myself and Ivan-in fact wediscover that he has broken his leg in several places. Luckily, despitehaving to wear a cast for weeks, Dad is one of those optimistic, 'theglass is half full types,' and finds a way to improve his situation. Oneday shortly afterwards, he is sitting out by the pool and feelingfrustrated that he can't get in the water because it will get his castwet.
Thisone wish and simple idea sets in motion a series of events that leadsto the creation of a product called "The Dri-Cast," a neoprene castprotector allows him to get into the pool without getting his cast wet.After the cast on his leg comes off, Dad decides to try to market theproduct to the public. So The Dri-Cast is developed and mass producedfor sale, soon becoming a big success. After this, another light bulbgoes off in Dad's head and he is moved to invent his next product. Afterthinking about the different products that are available to protecthumansí legs, he realizes that there really is nothing available toprotect and support a horse's leg. Upon this realization he goes on amission to create a supportive leg boot for horses. He starts talking tovets, trainers, and professionals in the equestrian world andeventually creates what he coins as the "Polo Boot." And that is thefirst proto-type of a boot that would ultimately become the first SportsMedicine Boot and lead to the creation of our company, Professional'sChoice.

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