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A Natural, Organic Anti-bacterial Formula

 Well-Horse regenerates tissue on wounds by promoting the formation of new collagen while also killing fungal and bacterial micro-agents on contact, without burning or irritating the skin. Well-Horse is highly recommended for treating scratches, dew poisoning, rain rot, ring worm, poison oak, poison ivy and more.  Well-Horse does not contain iodine and will not burn live or injured tissue.


A Natural, Organic Anti-bacterial Formula

Well-Pet's blend of resins has been used for over 600 years by the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest.  Well-Pet is used for it's amazing healing properties on skin fungus and open wounds.  Well-Pet helps to regenerate damaged tissue, kills bacteria on contact and does not burn injured tissue.  Use for injuries, hot spots, and all other dermatitis.

"I have used Well-Horse and Well-Pet for all of my horses and my dogs skin injuries and irritations.  I would not use anything else!"

Thrush Off

Thrush Off kills the bacterial infection in the grooves along the side of your horse's frog, in the central cleft and/or in the crease between the heel bulbs. It is easy to recognize--black, tar-like, and foul smelling--this infection, or anaerobic organism, requires a low-oxygen environment to grow. A typical environment for thrush to thrive is a muddy field with manure. Mud packed into hooves can seal off oxygen and allow bacteria to grow. Left untended, thrush can lead to lameness.  



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