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Because a few friends sat around a table at the barn one day and discussed one of the boarder’s sister, who was in treatment for Primary Peritoneal Cancer, a form of ovarian cancer, the idea came about to do something to help women become more informed. Since the lion’s share of the equestrian community is female, it made sense to start with there.  Hoofbeats to Hope was started as a vehicle to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and to encourage continued research into treatment and early diagnostic tests.

Of course, nothing gets done without money, so the Homestead Farm Dressage Musical Freestyle Challenge was born as a way to raise funds.  That year, 2011, between the horse show and on-site silent auction, $4000.00 was donated to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.  In 2012, over $8000.00 was donated and this year, 2013, we hope to raise $10,000.00 to help the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance continuing with their work. 

This year, please open your hearts and wallets to help us further this cause.  Help us make a cure as close as a hoof beat away.



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