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Pegasus Helmets

Pegasus helmets use patented design features that dramatically improve look, fit, comfort, and balance. 

Designed by Ron Friedson, accomplished rider, trainer, retailer, and devoted horseman, with over 35 years in the design, and manufacture of equestrian products, started equestrian design and development in the 1970's.

A patent pending 4-point harness that is infinitely adjustable, offering the lowest intrusion of any certified harness is designed to be cool and comfortable against the wearer's skin.

Using 16 different individual molds, Pegasus helmets are far more complicated and labor intensive--and the results are obvious.  Pegasus helmets look more fitted, not as top heavy, are lighter, more comfortable, and balanced.

The Pegasus helmet brand of show helmets, polo helmets and general-purpose helmets for the equestrian industry in the US is now releasing the Pegasus line worldwide!


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