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KEP Italia Helmets

The KEP Italia Helmets are made and designed in Italy with the highest quality standards.  With its SEI-ASTM certification, the KEP Helmet is truly one of the safest and lightest riding helmets on the market today.  Developed with optimum materials and a unique patented airflow system, it combines all areas of performance, safety, and unparalleled comfort for the rider.

The patented "Air Control System" of ventilation works through the opening and closing of the front grille where airflow is controlled by a central switch that moves up and down.  With airflow channels built within the inside top of the helmet, air freely moves through the front and is automatically channeled out through elegant vents in the back.

Worn by top riders in the country and across the globe, the KEP Italia Helmet provides ultimate protection and comfort, combined with true Italian quality and elegance.

To fall in love with a KEP Italia Helmet is easy.  And, to consider it irreplaceable is an inevitable consequence.


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