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Moving Comfort understands how a woman's body moves. As athletes, they understand the kind of freedom she needs in a garment.

Moving Comfort understands how a woman like her clothes to feel against her skin. They understand fabrics, what keeps you cool and dry when it's hot.

Every detail of cut, weight, fit and feel means as much to them as it does to you. So when you ride, clean the stall, compete, exercise, or just go about your day, remember that Moving Comfort is with you all the way.


Good foundations for your equestrian attire are important for looks, comfort and health.

The power and movement of your horse travels through to you and combines with your own movements. This can lead to bouncing, chafing, tissue damage and general discomfort.

Good foundations will help minimize the effect of this energy, leading to a stiller, more comfortable ride, allowing you to concentrate on your riding technique and position, giving a more polished look and stiller profile.


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