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In 1970 when Dr. Neel Glass, a nuclear physicist at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories, found his horse suffering from navicular disease, he began work on an idea that would prove to be a revolution in hoof care for horses. He developed the tough, durable polyurethane Easyboot. The boot is now used for correction and treatment of founder, navicular, nail punctures, abscesses, bruises, contracted heels and other impact caused injuries.

It provides excellent hoof protection for both occasional and long distance ridingand gives a secure fit for traction on rocks, pavement, snow and ice. Most endurance riders use Easyboots as a shoeing alternative, protection over shoes or as a spare tire when a horse loses a shoe.

The Easyboot has been the industry's leading horse boot for the last thirty years. During this time period, Easyboots have been used to win endurance races, complete mounted treks from 2,000-18,000 miles in length, provide traction to mounted police units, treat many hoof problems and ride a horse home after a lost shoe.

Although the Easyboot concept has continued to improve each year, in 2005 we introduced several enhancements which incorporate testing and feedback from horsemen all over the world.

Changes in technology nearly always occur after the original release of an item - think of the rapid evolution of most electronic toys we own. These changes do not mean you must give up your old boots--any generation Easyboot is a great Easyboot!

We will continue to support, repair or replace any boots from the entire EasyCare horse boot line as set out in the EasyCare Horse Boot Return Policy.

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    By gabrielle, L'�piphanie on Nov 14, 2012

    I loved these boots. My horse used to be really sensitive and he isnt anymore. He gain so much confidence when walking on rocks and hard path.they are...

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