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Baretek - the world's first true Saddle Alternative.

Introducing a revolutionary new way of riding. Neither a saddle nor a bareback pad. The BARETEK is the first saddle alternative on the market.

Conceived and engineered by a Master saddle maker and experienced riders, the BARETEK is the ultimate training tool to help you improve and progress in your riding.

Become a Better Rider with the First Saddle Alternative

The beginner as well as the advanced rider will find major training benefits while using the BARETEK. Unlike regular bareback pads, which are unstable and uncomfortable, the BARETEK, with its unique design, finally gives the rider the opportunity to concentrate on pleasure and skills. " It is by far the best training aid for improving your seat and balance", says Susan Peacock, USDF Silver Medalist and Certified Trainer.

Experienced riders will also appreciate the direct communication with the horse through the seat bones and legs. Comfortable as a saddle, light as a bareback pad. The BARETEK is the best of both worlds.


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