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Sekur-Grip, the unique equestrian anti-slip product, developed by Sidley Payne, Olympic-level in many disciplines, will keep you secure in your saddle, where you need to be!  Panye's first love of jumping and 3-day eventing that comprised of one day of dressage, a second day of cross-country jumping and endurance, and a third day of stadium jumping.  It was a virtual triathlon for horses and riders!  Because leather gets slippery, as movement tends to polish the surface of reins, saddles and boots, slipping can cost you the competition.

Payne developed this all-natural, pocket sized, blue and white, oval-shaped push-up stick that is easy to carry and easy on your budget.  Sekur-Grip allows for freedom of movement while improving traction. 

Sekur-Grip is also popular among other such sports athletes as tennis players.  The skin does not absorb Sekur-Grip so it remains tacky.  It is not sticky.  It is no wonder that Sekur-Grip is a hit!

Once you've tried it, you won't be without it!


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  • Sekur-Grip

    a must have for beginners

    By Stephanie, Boulder CO on Jan 28, 2010

    A staple in most horse show circuits. Great product, not as messy as other waxes. Not legal in some shows, so be careful.

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