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Weaver Sweet Iron Ported Copper Cricket Mouth Bit

Item Code : WV00287R

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The item Weaver Sweet Iron Ported Copper Cricket Mouth Bit, item code:WV00287R, has been discontinued or is no longer available.

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Sweet Iron and German Silver Trim


The Weaver Sweet Iron Ported Mouth with Copper Cricket Curb Bit features a 5" sweet iron ported mouth with copper cricket and inlay, 7" shanks and German silver trim.

The curved grazing design of these shanks offers the rider the flexibility of a mild to moderately leveraged bit, providing great control. These are probably the most versatile, well-rounded type of shanks offered to both horse and rider, making them great on any seasoned horse in a variety of disciplines from performance and competition to trail and everyday riding.

 Please note: Horses should never wear a bit when tied.

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