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Weatherbeeta Replacement Horse Blanket Chest Buckle Set

Item Code : WB00013R

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The item Weatherbeeta Replacement Horse Blanket Chest Buckle Set, item code:WB00013R, has been discontinued or is no longer available.

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WeatherBeeta Replacement Chest Buckle Set for the replacement of lost or damaged chest buckles and straps on Weatherbeeta blankets.

Black only.  One size fits most.

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WeatherBeeta has been designing and manufacturing horse clothing around the world for over 25 years. Through the use of only the most advanced design and materials, we've been setting the trends since the very beginning.

In fact, our experience, technology, design and sheer quality have made us the world's leading equestrian brand!

Whatever the weather, where ever you are in the world - there's bound to be a WeatherBeeta blanket, sheet or cooler for your horse. Not to mention a matching blanket for your dog!

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