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The Stick Chair

Item Code : II00314R

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The Stick Chair is a modern, upgraded version of an old style "shooting stick."  This handy portable seat is very light weight and breaks down easily to carry or pack. 

Older versions of the shooting stick were one long solid heavy piece of metal - impossible to pack and very inconvenient.  The new Stick Chair is very lightweight, just over a pound and a half.  It breaks down easily into four sections and can be packed neatly into a small case or overnight bag. 

There is a flat disc at the base that can be used when the ground is wet to prevent the chair from sinking into soft ground.  There is also a removable rubber tip that allows you to use the stick indoors as well.

This essential item can be taken to any event where seats are in short supply.   

Tested to hold up to 280 lbs.

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