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Ultra ThinLine Western Half Pad

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The Ultra ThinLine Western Half Pad is 3/16 inch thick and is designed to minimize lower back movement and stabilize rider position and saddle, making it easier to sit and ride the gaits while giving an ultimate close contact feel while protecting the horses back.

Ultra ThinLine Pads are the top choice of professionals and are ideal for reining, pleasure, or equitation riders. The Half Pad serves as an economical pad that covers only the weight-bearing surface of the saddle. This pad should be ridden with a light cotton, sheepskin, or Navajo pad underneath for ultimate protection and comfort.

Riders with sore backs will discover this pad eliminates both pitch and yaw keeping the rider back stable while also providing shock absorption.

"This is the most perfect pad I have ever used. The immediate impression is one of absolute unity of contact, something rarely felt in a Western saddle. The contact is fabulous, the support and cushioning are marvelous, and it feels like the pad and saddle work truly as a unit and are literally one with the horse. I actually tried to generate micromotions between horse, pad, and saddle, and was unable to do so. At a lope, there was absolutely no pitch, something all too common in heavier saddles. This pad is clearly the very best thing ever made for the human back..."

Dr. Jim Warson, The Rider's Pain Free Back Book


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