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Classical Dressage Part 1 DVD

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Classical Dressage Part 1 DVD


Classical Dressage Part 1: School of Aids is the first in the three part series on classical dressage. This DVD focuses on training basics and getting your horse ready for later work.

Légèreté is French trainer Philippe Karl’s philosophy of “lightness.” Karl’s philosophy is based on understanding the physical and mental conditions of the horse, the ease of the aids, and the horse’s natural movement. He believes it is fundamental that the aids are taught clearly before the horse begins to do any gymnastic work, and he says the horse’s neck must be completely flexible in order to extend and flex at the poll. An introduction to training on two tracks completes the first part of this schooling series.

This DVD includes:

  • Longeing
  • Training basics
  • In-hand work
  • Use of the aids     

Philippe Karl, founder of the School of Légèreté, was a member of the famous Cadre Noir in France for 13 years. He is well known throughout the world as a riding instructor, trainer, and author. His impressive classical dressage presentations are treasured by those privileged enough to see them all over Europe. In clinics and courses, Karl presents the knowledge and the aesthetics of the founders of equitation, adapted to modern times.

DVD, 46 minutes

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