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Klimke Basic Training Vol. 1, The Four Yr Old Horse DVD

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In the Klimke Basic Training Vol 1: The Four Yr Old Horse DVD by Ingrid Klimke, the Olympic champion shares her key ideas for the successful training methods including dressage exercises to improve suppleness and collection; pole work (cavalletti); lower level jumping obstacles; and basic training for cross-country. 
The Klimke Basic Training Vol 1: The Four Yr Old Horse DVD focuses on the following:
  • Dressage: Exercises to improve extension; rhythm; relaxation; contact between the rider’s hands and the horse’s mouth; familiarization with rider aids; half- and full halts; transitions; signs of suppleness; first show ring experiences; and much more.  Klimke is ably supported in the dressage training component by Major Paul Stecken.
  • Pole work (cavalletti): Introduction to the technique and work on the longe line.
  • Jumping: First jumping obstacles; use of a lead horse; and gymnastic series.
  • Cross-country: Use of the safety seat; first jumping obstacles; introduction to water; work uphill and downhill.
Ingrid Klimke is an Olympic and world champion who follows in the tracks of her famous father, the dressage legend, Dr. Reiner Klimke. She is the only professional rider in the world who rides successfully at the international level in both dressage and eventing. She trains by her father’s famous motto: “Riding should improve the beauty and strength of the horse.” With this in mind, Klimke trains her horses to be as versatile as possible. She believes that forcing young horses to specialize too soon can prevent them from developing to the best of their ability. Using a multi-disciplinary (cross-training) approach, she enhances their skills and compensates for their weaknesses. Under Ingrid Klimke’s tutelage, your young horse will learn with enjoyment and enthusiasm. The training of horses should be fun, allowing both horse and rider to shine.

Run time: 90 mins.


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