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Beyond a Whisper by Ryan Gingerich

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Beyond a Whisper by Ryan Gingerich explores training horses with a new language from "The Behaviorist." Gingerich moves beyond currently popular techniques of horse behavior and training. 

“People like to think that horses can relate to them in a human way. Or vice versa,” says “The Behaviorist,” Ryan Gingerich. “But, a human can never be the dominant mare in the herd’s pecking order (as we’re so often advised). We don’t have the same movements, reflexes, timing, or innate understanding of equine body language and non-verbal communication. So don’t worry about where you fit in the herd’s hierarchy. Just train your horse.”

It is with this commonsense, “just do it” tenet in mind that Ryan approaches rehabilitating and retraining horses with such classic “conflict behaviors” as bucking, rearing, bolting, kicking, and refusing to load. Through experience and study with some of the biggest names in equine and animal behavioral research, Ryan has developed a way to safely work with your horse until you “delete” his “bad” behavior and replace it with a desirable one.

Ryan believes that all “bad” behavior is directly related to a poor Go response, or an insufficient Stop response. Through classical and operant conditioning you’ll learn to “meet your horse in the middle” of the language barrier and reaffirm, Go, Stop, and the other Basic Controls: turning left and right, backing up, and standing still. You’ll use “The Station Game” to gradually build upon what your horse already knows in order to achieve success in new and challenging areas. And you’ll get specific retraining tips for the most common behavioral problems Ryan sees in his clinics and on his well-known show on RFD-TV: “space invading”; head shyness; problems with handling the horse’s feet; kicking; trailer loading; bolting; bucking; and separation anxiety.

Refreshingly, you won’t need any expensive tools or special toys to teach your horse what he needs to know—just a safe enclosure and the well-fitted equipment you already own. And you don’t have to worry about some elusive training ability that you aren’t sure you have—Ryan’s methods are easy to understand, practical, and safe. His Connective Horsemanship® is the only popular training method today that can be backed up with tried-and-true scientific research.

RYAN GINGERICH began his professional horse career as a trail guide then completed a national training certification program where he continued working after graduation. His ability to work with troubled horses was put to good use there, and he developed a bond with these horses that today has him branded as “The Behaviorist.” This title was earned not only through his natural ability but through study and the application of scientific research into horse behavior. Ryan’s mentor, Dr. Andrew Mclean, Director of the Australian Equine Behavior Centre (AEBC), played a large part in the development of Ryan’s methods. They continue to share knowledge today.

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