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Hoof Problems by Rob Van Nassau

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Hoof Problems
Hoof Construction • Trimming and Shoeing • Solutions for Common Issues and Ailments
by Rob Van Nassau

The horse’s hoof like you’ve never seen it before! With over 800 color photographs and hundreds of meticulously labeled illustrations, as well as simple explanations of technical jargon and terminology, Hoof Problems is a fabulous educational tool for every horse person.

Learn about:

  • Hoof and limb mechanics—bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and circulation
  • Foot axis and limb conformation, and malformation and related consequences
  • General hoof care, and trimming and shoeing pros and cons
  • The shoeing process—materials, tools, and step–by–step photos

In addition, more than 50 common hoof and lower–limb problems are covered, with characteristics and causes of each disorder, as well as diagnosis, treatment, corrective shoeing, and prognosis. Topics include: .Arthritis • Wounds • Stringhalt • Splints • Bone spavin • Over–reaching • Scratches • • Cysts • Keratoma • Ringbone • Ostitis • Sand cracks • Chipped hooves • Seedy toe • • Thrush • Canker • Sole bruises • White line disease • Laminitis • Navicular disease • Sidebone • And more

With this book, you’ll gain a better understanding of the function of the horse’s hoof and how to prevent unsoundness, ensuring your horse’s comfort and athleticism for years to come.

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