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Cosequin Calxequin Hoof Pellets

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Support For Healthy Hooves!


Calexequin Hoof Pellets are a concentrated daily pellet formulated for the support and encouragement of healthy hooves.

Building healthy hooves is a complicated, multi-step process. At each step along the way, certain nutrients are required before the process can move along. Often, horses with visually poor hoof quality are deficient in one, or more, of these required nutrients. This can occur for a variety of reasons - even in a well balanced ration.

Calxequin provides the key nutrients with the knowledge that they are safe and absorbed in balanced proportions to support each step of growing strong, durable hooves.


Cosequin Calxequin Hoof Pellets offer:


  • Pellet formula
  • Biotin for quality hoof support
  • Methionine and Lysine support hoof integrity
  • Zinpro Chelated ineral to support hoof strength
  • 5.6 pound bag 



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