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Weaver Border Felt Bottom Memory Foam Western Small Saddle Pad

Item Code : WV00464

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The item Weaver Border Felt Bottom Memory Foam Western Small Saddle Pad, item code:WV00464, has been discontinued or is no longer available.

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The Weaver® Border Felt Bottom Memory Foam Saddle Pad uses memory foam technology to conform to your horse's back and relieve pressure points.  A great choice for any horse!

The Weaver® Border Felt Bottom Memory Foam Saddle Pad features:

  • Absorbs 75% more shock than the leading competitor's pad
  • A 1/2" breathable memory foam insert conforms to the horse's back and helps reduce pressure points
  • Memory foam returns to its original shape after each use
  • A 100% New Zealand wool top features a Weaver exclusive design
  • A tan orthopedic felt bottom shapes to the horse's back, provides shock absorption and wicks away moisture
  • Felt bottom can be cleaned with a damp cloth or brush to remove dirt and sweat
  • Distressed brown top grain wear leathers feature a ride the brand "W" insignia
  • Multiple sizes available

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