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Vespucci Traditional Dressage Bridle

Item Code : WE80031

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A new favorite, the Vespucci Traditional Dressage Bridle features a broader noseband and browband for a popular look in the show ring.
Designed with Vespucci's trademark padded Single Crownpiece, padded nose and browband, and adjustable padded protection under the jaw. 
Peter Menet designed Vespucci after a lengthy study of horse anatomy learning where a horse is susceptible to facial pain and injury, inspiring him to literally reinvent the bridle.  The quality stitching, properly placed padding and fine bridle leather makes Vespucci bridles unlike any other. The sum of these design innovations and superb craftsmanship are bridles of unmatched comfort and performance.
Hook studs. Reins sold separately.
Cheeks measure 5/8"
Browband measures 1"
Noseband measures 1 1/4"

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