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Bates Collection Caprilli All Purpose Saddle with CAIR System, Equestrian, horseback riding apparel, Saddles - Leather

Bates Collection Caprilli All Purpose Saddle with CAIR System

Item Code : WB00337

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The item Bates Collection Caprilli All Purpose Saddle with CAIR System, item code:WB00337, has been discontinued or is no longer available.

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Bates Collection Caprilli All Purpose - a super comfortable all-around saddle, great for general pleasure riding, flatwork and hunting. Features:• CAIR Panel System for better performance and freer movement of horse• Easy Change Gullet System allows the saddle to be fitted to suit the horse's changing shape

• Adjustable Flexibloc System to provide a move secure position for the rider• Supple aniline-dyed leather• Traditional styling, balanced and correct• Easy break-in• Short stitched triple girth points• Forward Cut FlapBATES - Feel the Freedom

CLICK on the CAIR logo to find out all about the wonderful CAIR system.

Fluidly working with your horse's muscles, the revolutionary CAIR Panel System replaces traditional fillings in your saddle with air.

The cushioning nature of air encourages your horse to soften, relax and engage. Seated closer to your horse, you become simply an extension of one another. Transcend into a new world of opportunities through the power of true connection.

Empower your horse with the ultimate in comfort, and explore your true potential together with the CAIR Panel System.

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Driven by performance for horse and rider - Bates saddles explore new frontiers in saddle technology and design.

Experience the ultimate performance panel, as the revolutionary CAIR Panel System, seen across the Bates saddle line, facilitates greater communication and offers the ultimate comfort for your horse.

Bates - Feel the Freedom.


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