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ThinLine Trifecta All Cotton Half Pad

Item Code : TL00049

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The item ThinLine Trifecta All Cotton Half Pad , item code:TL00049, has been discontinued or is no longer available.

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The ThinLine® All Cotton Trifecta Half Pad has a full cotton base design that gives your  ThinLine® a whole new level of performance.
ThinLine® products keep both horse and rider comfortable.
  • Maximum Rider and Saddle stability.
  • Spine Free and wither profile creates the most comfortable fit.
  • Easy maintenance: simple to wash or use over another pad.

Why use ThinLine®?

  • Riders Sit Better - Higher level of  performance
  • Horses use their back better - All horses go better in ThinLine®
  • ThinLine® protects both rider and horses backs.
  • Breathable,  no-slip ThinLine® keeps your horse comfortable and your saddle in place.
  • Absorbs more shock than anything else in a thin pad that will not compromise saddle fit.

As an added benefit, the Trifecta Half Pad pad is also "shimmable"

  • To modify saddle fit without having to buy another saddle! After your saddle fits well remove the inserts and keep all the benefits of the Trifecta
  • Easy to use shims take only seconds to change 
  • Custom Fit and Feel: ThinLine® Trifecta molds to the horse’s body as the horse warms up, creating the customized ThinLine® fit and feel.
ThinLine® vs Ultra ThinLine®:
The only real difference is thickness. ThinLine® is ¼”and offers the most impact protection for the horse. What the rider will notice: the horse is happier and more willing to work, is more free in the shoulder and lifts his back. ThinLine® is a good choice when first starting a horse, working a horse hard or for beginner riders.
Ultra ThinLine® is 3/16” and is a performance enhancing product for the rider. It still offers shock absorption and comfort for the horse, but with this pad, the rider feels more of the effect. Ultra ThinLine® noticeably reduces lower back and thigh movement, allowing the rider to sit gaits with less effort and achieve a more stable position in the saddle. The result is a quieter ride with increased effectiveness of the seat and increased communication with the horse through a closer contact feel.
Available in Medium (16-17.5" saddles) and Large (18-18.5"saddles). The medium meaures 21.5" along the spine and the large 23".
Select Large for Saddle Seat or Endurance Saddles.

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