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Shires Two Slot Liverpool Driving Bit

Item Code : SE00213

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The item Shires Two Slot Liverpool Driving Bit, item code:SE00213, has been discontinued or is no longer available.

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Liverpool Driving Bit. 


The Shires Two Slotted Liverpool Driving Bit features a mouthpiece that is serrated on one side.  The larger versions of this bit has have more holes down the shank as the shank length and size of the mouthpiece are related.


Shires Two Slotted Liverpool Driving Bit features:


  • Serrated side
  • Stainless steel


Shires' line of bits has continued to grow in popularity and size in Europe, and now Shires is able to bring a range of bits to the U.S. All Shires bits are exceptional quality and manufactured under close scrutiny to ensure that the end product is strong, safe and fit for purpose. In addition to stainless steel bits, Shires offers other options across the different types of bits to make sure that there is something to suit the needs of every horse.

Fit is key to a happy and responsive horse. To measure your horse for a bit: 1) Gently pull the existing bit to one side of the horse's mouth so the ring sits flush against the horse's face. 2) Check that you can fit between one and two fingers between the horse's lips and the other ring - ideally there should be 1/2 inch there. 3) If this is OK, remove the bit and measure it between the two rings,  then you have the size of your horse's bit.

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