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Professional's Choice Drover Bit

Item Code : PF80103

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The Professional's Choice Drover Bits offer a unique polished steel cheek with silver dots. It features a forward set mouthpiece readily engaging pressure to the bars and tongue, encouraging a horse to give at the poll.  Sweet Iron keeps a horse’s mouth moist, allowing the bit to move freely.

Cheek 8 ½”,  Mouthpiece 5 ¼”

Ported ChainThis mouthpiece will provide the horse with some tongue relief and the chain is light on the bars. Effective in lifting the head and shoulders, the chain allows for independent rein action while the port encourages collection.

Low PortThis mouthpiece has a softer feel than most ported bits. The port measures 1 ¾” wide 1 ¼” tall providing generous tongue relief and has copper inlaid bars. This is the perfect bit for a light-mouthed horse.

CorrectionThe correction style mouthpiece with copper inlay has four moving parts that provide a soft feel in the horse’s mouth and are effective in training for all western disciplines. The jointed mouthpiece allows the horse to respond to subtle rein pressure. The port measures 1 ¼” wide and 2” tall.

SpoonThis bit is a good training tool for horses that are a little stronger in the mouth.  It can be used in any discipline. The port measures 1 ½” wide and 1 ¾” tall with copper inlaid bars.

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