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Professional's Choice Sliding Gag Bit

Item Code : PF80102

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The Professional's Choice Sliding Gag Bit features a polished steel cheek with silver dots and allows for natural flexion and lift in the shoulder. All of these bits should be adjusted to fit with one wrinkle in the horse’s mouth. Sweet iron keeps a horse’s mouth moist allowing the bit to move freely.

Cheek 7 ¾”, Mouthpiece 5 ¼”

Chain - This mouthpiece is actually a very mild and useful training tool. The chain conforms to the shape of the horse’s mouth, applying mild tongue and bar pressure. This mouthpiece works well on horses in any discipline.

Slow Twist - This mouthpiece allows the rider to help keep the horse focused without a lot of pressure or contact. Excellent for keeping horse’s back framed and round. This mouthpiece is good for a finished horse.

Dogbone - This mouthpiece is soft on their bars, making this bit good for lateral control and collection. A wonderful choice when transitioning from a D-Ring or O-Ring snaffle.

Smooth Snaffle - This mouthpiece will apply more pallet and bar pressure and is an excellent all-purpose mouthpiece which will work well on most horses. Sweet iron keeps a horse’s mouth moist,
allowing the bit to move freely.

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