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Nurtural Horse Elegant Leather Western Bitless Bridle

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Elegant Western Bitless Bridle  


Improve your relationship and horse's performance with the Nurtural Horse™ Elegant Leather Western Bitless Bridle. This bridle is not a hackamore, but a true bitless bridle.  Horses instantly understand the unique pressure points. They stop better, turn better and relax ... and love you for it!

The Nurtural Bitless Bridle improves both the horse’s physical and mental health. There are over forty recognized diseases and ailments caused by regular bitting of a horses mouth. In addition to injuries caused by the bit, most bridle nose bands are designed to keep the horses mouth shut. An overly tightened nose band can limit breathing because the delicate nasal passages are held in an unnatural position and the nostrils cannot flair properly.

In contrast, the noseband of the Nurtural Bitless Bridle sits high up on the nose, so it does not restrict breathing. Every strap of the Nurtural stays loose unless you are pulling on a rein. The patented Circle-X prevents the noseband from ever becoming too tight.

The Impressive Leather Bitless Bridle is made from english-tanned, drum-dyed, full grain bridle leather.  The fancy v- browband and noseband on Elegant bridles have raised leather.

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