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II Ultra ThinLine English Untrimmed Half Pad

Item Code : II00002

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The item II Ultra ThinLine English Untrimmed Half Pad, item code:II00002, has been discontinued or is no longer available.

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The Ultra ThinLine® Untrimmed Halfpad will keep you close and stationary to increase horse and rider communication. With the ThinLine® Halfpad you will see increased performance in both you and your horse. Your horse will lift his back, and you will be able to sit closer, quieter and be able to do more with lighter aids.

ThinLine® vs Ultra ThinLine®: The only real difference between ThinLine® and Ultra ThinLine® is thickness. Because of the technology behind ThinLine® however, the change in thickness makes these two pads ride and perform differently. ThinLine® is geared towards comfort for the horse: it distributes shock, weight and heat a longer distance. Ultra ThinLine® is geared towards comfort for the rider: it helps the rider to sit more quietly. Both products still help both the horse and the rider.
Ultra ThinLine® is 3/16th inch thick and is a performance enhancing product for the rider. It still offers shock absorption and comfort for the horse, but, with this pad, the rider feels more of the effect. Ultra ThinLine® noticeably reduces lower back and thigh movement, allowing the rider to sit gaits with less effort and achieve a more stable position in the saddle. The result is a quieter ride with increased effectiveness of the seat and increased communication with the horse through a closer contact feel.

Doubles as a no slip pad and will fit saddles up to 17", and some 17.5" saddles. (If you have a left-right slippage problem, or a larger saddle, choose an Ultra Thinline Contour Pad)

If you are showing, you may want to choose the Ultra ThinLine Trimmed Halfpad for a neater look around the edges of your saddle.

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