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Pessoa Bits Pelham Bit Correction Mouth with Copper, Equestrian, horseback riding apparel, Hardware

Pessoa Bits Pelham Bit Correction Mouth with Copper

Item Code : ER00949

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The item Pessoa Bits Pelham Bit Correction Mouth with Copper, item code:ER00949, has been discontinued or is no longer available.

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Nelson and Rodrigo Pessoa created the Magic System™ of bits to provide a powerful transition from rider to horse. Signals that are faster, stronger and clearer and allow the rider to be in better command of the tempo and movement.

Because the Magic System™ bits do not collapse like ordinary bits, they combine the flexibility of a jointed mouth with the control of a straight bar mouthpiece.

The patented Magic System™ design does not allow the bit to fully collapse thereby reducing tongue pressure and palate injury.

The curved shape comfortably follow the natural contours of the horse's mouth without hurting the bars. It evenly distributes pressure on the tongue and encourages swallowing and relaxation of the jaw.

Unique mouth pieces encourage chewing and salivation and produce a softer, more relaxed mouth.




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The magic of Pessoa is synonymous with quality. And with legend. The classical riding style of Nelson is an inspiration for every rider. No wonder an impressive number of champions have selected his products and, year after year, renew their commitment to Pessoa as their preferred tack maker.

Pessoa Saddles promote enormous loyalty from their users, due to their extraordinary quality, design, testing and workmanship. Besides this, the Pessoa line benefits directly from the results of the international competitions benchmark. Nelson places as high demands on the craft as on the quality of his equipment. Therefore, acquiring a Pessoa is more than a purchase. It is a lifelong adoption. Pessoa always aims for more. After all, limits are made to be broken.

Under the Pessoa brand, you will also find saddle pads, blankets, coolers, bits and strapgoods. All living up to the excellence of the Pessoa name.


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