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CoolMedics Cooling Equine Full Horse Blanket

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CoolMedics® Cooling Equine Full Blanket - This blanket doesn't keep your horse warm, it cools him off! Unlike other high tech fabrics, CoolMedics doesn't  wick away sweat, it actually cools your horse off!  Once soaked in water, the patented three layer fabricin this blanket will provide cooling to eight hours.

The top half of this full sized cooling blanket is made from cooling fabric to lower the temperature of the back from withers to the buttock. There are adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit. This product is ideal for use with performance and endurance horses.

How it works: CoolMedics® products are made from apatented three-layer fabric that by combining hydrophilic fibers into a fibrous batting core and a thermally conductive membrane lining, will provide cooling after soaking the product in water for two to three minutes. The water activates the cooling process by charging the fibers with moisture and creating an environment for evaporation. When moisture in the batting evaporates, heat is removed and cools the surrounding area, transferring the cooling effect to the wearer.  Depending upon the environment, this cooling could last up to eight hours, and can be recharged by simply immersing the product in water to restart the cooling process.This product has been laboratory tested in a heat chamber, bringing the inside temperature to 114 º and placing the dampened cloth in the heated chamber. In every test, the fabric, with a separate temperature sensor, has maintained a temperature that is lower by 20 to 25º for a period of 4½ hours.Testimonials:

"I wore yourCoolMedics vest, cooling scarf and helmet cooler to my first place finish atTevis.  Quite literally, I am not sure I could have stayed in the saddlethat long, hot day without your products.  They're fantastic!  Ithank you, and my first place mare, SMR Fifi d'Orr, thanks you."

Cathy Rohm-Richardson

"I just wanted to let you know that I rode in my vest the Tevis (used it without water for warmth inthe morning) and Cayenne and I got the Haggin Cup." 

Michele Roush San Diego , CA



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