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Cashel Western Reverse Wedge Cushion Pad

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The Cashel® Western Reverse Wedge Cushion Pad is ideal for providing additional padding for the high withered/narrow shouldered horse.  It also helps prevent the saddle from sliding forward an can be used to level the saddle.

The Reverse Wedge Cushion Pad graduallydecreases from 1” at the front to ½” at the back. The Cushion Pad was specifically designed to aid in providing optimal fit and comfort as well as help adjust the fit of your saddle to you horse.   It will not collapse or absorb moisture and bacteria the way open cell foam pads do, nor will it retain heat and add unnecessary weight the way liquid gel pads do. Light weight and conforming to your horse's back, the Cashel® cushion will help relieve pressure points and is tapered at the edge to eliminate uncomfortable ridges, allowing closer contact with your horse.

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