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Farnam SimpliFly with LarvaStop

Item Code : BC00046

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Farnam SimpliFly® with LarvaStop™.  This feed through fly control prevents the the development of stable flies and house flies in the manure of treated horses.
SimpiFly® contains LarvaStop™, an exclusive active ingredient that is scientifically proven to break the fly life cycle by preventing immature flies from developing into biting, breeding adults.  

SimpliFly® contains NO organophosphates, and is the only feed through fly control granted "reduced risk" status by the EPA!  Studies to date have shown no resistance development in fly populations, and reductions of up 97% when used as part of an integrated fly control program. 

Active ingredient: diflubenzuron.

Feed 1 oz per horse per day.  All horses on a property should be fed SimpliFly for effective fly control.
Please note:  This product CAN NOT be shipped to CALIFORNIA.

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